The story is set in Victorian London, the team worked remotely, from across the globe, the mission was to make a an original Virtual Reality adventure from storyboard to completion.

This documentary from the team at GamestormVR highlights their process, the challenges and their vision for the future of VR. Be inspired!

00:21 What was your Role in the Making of SteamHammerVR?

02:21 The World of SteamHammerVR Where Did it All Start?

05:14 How Did You Approach Writing The Music Score?

06:45 How Did You Voicing The Characters?

07:24 Do You Have A Favourite Character?

07:48 Do You Have A Favourite Level?

08:50 What Was You Biggest Surprise During Development?

10:11 What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Wants To Develop A Game?

10:43 Are There Any Challenges or Advantages Working With Spatial Audio?

12:09 What Was The Hardest Level to Design?

12:39 In What Ways Did Budget Impact the Game?

13:56 What Does a Day for a Head Programmer Look Like?

14:39 What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Would Like To Become a Voice Artist?

15:27 What Advice Would You Give Others Working With Sound Design?

16:29 How Did You Approach Creating a Narrative Structure for the Game?

18:27 Why Did You Decide To Become A Programmer?

19:07 What is Your Favourite Mission in The Game?

20:28 What Are Your Favourite Easter Eggs?

23:03 In What Way Did The Game Change During Development?

23:46 What Part of the Game are you Most Proud of ?

25:02 Do You Have a Favourite Track in the Game?

25:17 Do You Have a Favourite Character?

25:55 What Would You Change in Developing Your Next Game?

26:27 Showstorm on Tour

27:03 What Did Engaging with the Game Community Teach You?

29:36 What Surprised You During Development?

30:16 What Other VR Experiences Have You Really Enjoyed?

32:55 What Are Your Predictions for VR in 2018?

35:03 What Do You Predict About VR in the Future?

38:20 What has been the most rewarding part of the Game Development?

41:48 The Moment of Launch

42:11 Credits

43:01 …the Golden Rat?

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