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In House Projects


SteamHammerVR – The Rogue Apprentice is a story-driven virtual reality steampunk game with a highly addictive Arcade Wave Shooter mode called Seek & Destroy!



‘Escape from Nottingham Castle’ is an exclusive VR experience on P&O Cruises.

The challenge is much like a physical Escape Room however one VR Player will experience a digital recreation of the locked room with a Virtual Reality headset whilst the other Real World players will be monitoring the VR Player’s actions through several cameras and will be advising them on their best course of action.

In Development

gamestormvr grandcruisevr
grand cruise
Virtual reality cruise ship featuring 24/7 entertainment. Project is currently in its early development stages.
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How we BLEW £100k on Advertising in ONE Day

How we BLEW £100k on Advertising in ONE Day

Anyone you speak to that has been on the epic quest of making a video game will tell you that the marketing is by far the most difficult part of that journey. Embarking into game development for the very first time and with no existing user community waiting for our...

The Making of The Rogue Apprentice – The Documentary

The Making of The Rogue Apprentice – The Documentary

The story is set in Victorian London, the team worked remotely, from across the globe, the mission was to make a an original Virtual Reality adventure from storyboard to completion. This documentary from the team at GamestormVR highlights their process, the challenges...

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